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1.50 BGN18.00 BGN

Our colorful badges like candies, depicting 34 different dance patterns, will brighten your every outlook


1.50 BGN8.00 BGN

Seven colorful coasters with the footsteps of the most famous Bulgarian dances


1.50 BGN18.00 BGN

Collection of 34 postcards inspired by the travelling exhibition “Follow the steps”


2.00 BGN

When the collection on the refrigerator needs a refreshment… choose some dance patterns…

Memory puzzle game

23.00 BGN

A fun-logical memory puzzle game that will enrich your knowledge of Bulgarian folk dances

Folk parcel

39.00 BGN

Small parcels filled with magical steps of various and colorful folk dances


Dance puzzle

70.00 BGN 49.00 BGN

A large-scale game, teaching children and adults traditional folk dances by simply following the steps on the ground.