Following in the Steps of Bulgarian Folklore

The mission of Taratanci is to present Bulgarian folklore to the nowadays public in an innovative, more interactive and understandable way, to “translate” it by using contemporary design. We strive to create a surprising presentation of Bulgarian folk dances and folk tales in order to evoke people’s curiosity, develop new audiences and thus preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Bulgaria. Our task is to create innovative products and services, which can be used as tools for evolving awareness to our identity and developing useful skills for everyday life.

Taratanci is the winner of the European heritage award “Europa Nostra” for 2021.

Таратанци - носител на награда "Европа Ностра" за 2021 г.

Taratanci's Projects

The two folklore fields we are working on so far are folk dances and folk tales.

We created a graphic universal “language” of horo dances, depicting the unique patterns, which dancers make with their steps while dancing in a circle. So far, we have visualized 40 horo dances by using our own methodology. Inspired by these delightful pictures and the great variety of horo dances, we started to present them to the public via exhibitions, books and games. We designed as well different experiences for children and adults to participate.

Our second project is in the field of folk tales. We use them to create experiences for children – a source of inspiration and wisdom from the past to develop important skills for the future. Our kids’ educational program, called Tintiri-mintiri, offers children exciting learning projects, based on plots from folk tales and mixed with modern educational models (STEAM), which help them to develop social skills, logical thinking, problem-solving skills and digital literacy.

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Graphic Universal Language of Dance

So far, we have visualized 40 horo dances by using our own methodology, that we have called a Graphic Universal Language of Dance (GULD). We develop two different images for each dance  – one image as a graphic in a learning-mode – with steps colored in two colors for each foot, and numbers on each step, which depict the dancing sequence, and one image, presenting the dance through its steps in a full, perfect circle shape.

Фигури на народни хора

Buy our products with a cause

By buying the products of “Taratanci”, you support the cause of the graphic representation and preservation of more and more Bulgarian folk dances – an integral part of the intangible cultural heritage of Bulgaria!

In our shop you will find original entertaining and educational gifts based on Bulgarian folk dances and Bulgarian folk tales. We create all products with thought and love. Their stylish design, which combines tradition with modernity, makes them very suitable gifts for Bulgarians – folklore lovers, as well as for foreigners.

Черна чанта с девет хораСиня торба с девет хора

Tote Bags

19.50 BGN

Depiction of the following dance shapes: Elenino, Dunavsko (Danube), Gankino, Svornato, Paidushko, Daichovo, Chetvorno (Quaternary), Ginka and Arap

Оur corporate clients

Bosch - корпоративен клиент на Таратанци
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Mexon - корпоративен клиент на Таратанци
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Benefits of our creative work

Reviving folklore

We introduce the traditions to the modern person in an amusing way  – through the unique patterns, created by the folk dance steps in combination with ethno colors typical for each folk region. These magical figures impress both Bulgarians and foreigners.

Inducing emotion

You are getting more than a gift. You are getting experience. Our unusual dance patterns spark interest and surprise, as even the dancers are not aware what forms their feet draw while performing. We offer wonderful folklore gifts for all lovers of folk dances.

Physical movement & mind fitness

Our dance puzzles and memory games are logical and energizing activities for the whole family. By developing their logical thinking, the children have fun and take an interest in Bulgarian folk dances and traditions.

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