Follow in the footsteps of the Bulgarian folklore dances

Taratantsi – Mission

Our mission is to unite people through folklore in an amusing and comprehensible way – a combination of dance and games.


What we do is to design graphic depictions of the unique patterns, which people create with their steps while dancing. We call these patterns a Graphic Universal Language of Dance (GULD – Gold in Danish).

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Benefits of our creative work

Reviving folklore

We introduce the traditions to the modern person in an amusing way  – through the unique patterns, created by the folk dance steps in combination with ethno colors typical for each folk region. These magical figures impress both Bulgarians and foreigners.

Inducing emotion

You are getting more than a gift. You are getting experience. Our unusual dance patterns spark interest and surprise, as even the dancers are not aware what forms their feet draw while performing. We offer wonderful folklore gifts for all lovers of folk dances.

Physical movement & mind fitness

Our dance puzzles and memory games are logical and energizing activities for the whole family. By developing their logical thinking, the children have fun and take an interest in Bulgarian folk dances and traditions.

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Based on the Graphic Universal Language of Dance we designed and developed two creative folklore games: a Dance puzzle, teaching people traditional folk dances by simply following the steps on the ground; and a Memory puzzle, which stimulates your brain while introducing you to famous folk dances in an entertaining manner.

All of our products and events are based on folklore research and stimulate invention and creativity in the playing process. The games combine physical movement and logical thinking, aiming to develop motor, spatial and social abilities.

Интерактивна игра Танцов пъзел от Таратанци затворен тубуселементи на интерактивната игра Танцов пъзел от Таратанци

BG Folklore Dance Puzzle

70.00 лв. 49.99 лв.

A large-scale game, teaching children and adults traditional folk dances by simply following the steps on the ground.

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Awards & achievements


National finalist at the competition for entrepreneurs with business ideas in the field of creative industries – “Creative Business Cup”;

National finalist at the “International Charlemagne Prize”


Grant awarded by “Moto-Pfohe” program for protection of cultural heritage;

2nd award by “Fintrade Business Awards”


Grant awarded by “Rinker’s Challenge” – social entrepreneurship contest


Winner of the third edition of the “Ideas – It’s Us” forum

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