Teambuilding program DRAW ME A DANCE

Folklore Teambuilding Program

Folklore centers around an individual’s capacity to change the world, to be part of a community, and to participate in the creation of that community’s culture. This is why folklore elements – dances, songs, tales, customs… are a fertile means of bringing collectives together. It has been so in the past and probably always will be.

At Taratanci, we firmly believe in the profound influence of folklore in fostering stronger communal ties. With careful thought, attention, and a healthy dose of humor, we curate inclusive folk programs designed to inspire and motivate individuals to reach new professional heights.

Allow us to introduce our captivating team building program “Draw me a dance” which draws upon the Taratanci graphic method – a unique approach that represents Bulgarian folk dances (horos) through symbolic footstep figures. This engaging program unfolds in three stages, taking participants on a metaphorical journey through various regions of Bulgaria, while immersing them in the creative process of using their footprints to paint their favourite Bulgarian horo dance.

Our impressive show is the perfect way to present Bulgaria to a group of foreigners.

Below, you will find detailed information about each stage of the event:

Stage 1
Тиймбилдинг програма от Таратанци - Етап 1

Our beautiful dancers present attractively the ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. Participants learn interesting information and dance steps from all areas, and through a fun romp they quickly relax and “melt the ice”.

An important interior element of the program is the “Follow the Steps” exhibition, located in separate corners representing the different regions of Bulgaria.

Stage 2
Тиймбилдинг от Таратанци - рисуване на хоро с боя

Participants put on special shoes and immerse themselves in the artistic process of “drawing” a beloved Bulgarian horo dance. By dipping their feet into paint and stepping onto large canvases, they create unique footprints that bring the dance to life in a visually captivating manner.

Together, everyone assembles the canvases into a large communal figure to join the horo dance and figure out which one it is.

Stage 3
Тиймбилдинг програма от Таратанци - хореография

Participants learn the steps of the horo dance, guided by music that sets the rhythm and enhances the experience. Together, they embrace the joy of dancing, synchronizing their movements and celebrating the cultural richness of the Bulgarian folk dancing.

This engaging activity allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and spirit of the horo, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared accomplishment.

As a memento

Following the event, we transform the painted dance masterpiece into a stunning personalised poster to serve as a cherished reminder of the time spent together. We send it to the company office, where it can inspire and enliven the workplace.

As a souvenir everyone receives a gift – a booklet of cards with the figures of 30 Bulgarian folk dances, containing curious information about the dance specifics of each folklore area.

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