Travelling exhibition "Follow the Steps"

We have created a method for depicting Bulgarian folk dances (“horo”) through graphic figures of their steps. Each “horo” has an authentic and unique visual form.

So far we have digitized and preserved for generations more than 100 Bulgarian folk dances from all folklore regions of the country using this method. They have been collected in the traveling exhibition “Follow the Steps”, which tours Bulgaria and abroad to promote Bulgarian folk dance.

Изложба Последвай стъпките презентация
жана и момиче разглеждат изложбата Последвай стъпките
хоро на улицата пред изложбата Последвай стъпките

Each horo, played in a circle and visually represented by its steps, has an authentic and unique form. The time signature of the music is depicted in the background of the images by a varying number of vertical lines and colours characteristic of the costumes in the respective folk area.

For example, the time signature of the Arap horo (2/4) is depicted by 2 vertical green lines in the left half of the image and 4 vertical yellow-orange lines in the right half.

Фигури от стъпки на народни хора, Таратанци

In order to present the exhibition in your city, studio, exhibition hall, etc., please contact us at least a month in advance. The posters can be exhibited both indoors and outdoors.