Exhibition "Follow the Steps"

In order to further develop our audiences, in 2017, we launched a travelling exhibition, called “Follow the Steps”, featuring beautiful posters with incredible patterns, formed by the footsteps of 34 Bulgarian folklore dances.

Exhibition Follow the Steps presentation
Exhibition Follow the Steps in the gallery
Exhibition Follow the Steps on the street

Every dance, performed in a circle and visually represented through its steps, has an authentic and unique pattern. The timing and tempo are depicted through the number of lines in the background of the visualisations. The used colours correspond to the Bulgarian folklore costumes that are typical for the region the dance derives from.

In just one year, the exhibition was displayed in 8 Bulgarian cities, as well as in Belgium and Germany, and it was well received everywhere.

Exhibition Follow the Steps with 32 Bulgarian national folklore dances

* To present the exhibition in your city, studio, exhibition hall, etc., please contact us at the indicated contacts at least 10 days earlier for the territory of Bulgaria and a month in advance for events abroad. The posters can be exhibited both indoors and outdoors.

** “Follow Steps” traveling exhibition was realized thanks to Moto-Pfohe’s donation program for the preservation of Bulgaria’s natural and cultural heritage.

    • 2018 / September – October – Sofia, House-Museum of “Pancho Vladigerov”
    • 2018 / September – Kardzhali, Festival “Kardzhali – Future with Traditions”
    • 2018 / September – Sofia, “Pink Tomato Festival”
    • 2018 / September – Sofia, 48th Annual Congress of the European Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, (EABCT 2018)
    • 2018 / June – Dolna Malina Village, Dolna Malina Open Fest Festival
    • 2018 / May – Erlangen (Germany), the 15th consecutive Bulgarian cultural evening
    • 2018 / April – Brussels (Belgium), Balkan Trafik!
    • 2018 / February – Bistritsa Village, National Cultural Center “St. Tsar Boris I – 1909”
    • 2017 / December – Plovdiv, Gallery “pLOVEdiv”
    • 2017 / November – December – Bourgas, Cultural Center “Hamamologica”
    • 2017 / September – October – Gorna Oryahovitsa, “Nedyalko Karaneshev” Art Gallery,
    • 2017 / September – Veliko Tarnovo, Faculty of Fine Arts
    • 2017 / September – Sofia, Cultural hub “Gifted Sofia”
    • 2017 / August – Varna, Space for Arts “Rubik Art Center”
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