Dance puzzle

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A large-scale game, teaching children and adults traditional folk dances by simply following the steps on the ground.



“Taratanci” is a game – a dance puzzle which in a fun way children and adults can easily learn the main steps and dance movements from Bulgarian folklore. In the kit, you will find the schemes of eight Bulgarian horos – Pravo, Arap, Shirto, Daychovo, Dunavsko, Elenino, Gankino and Paydushko horo.
Move your mind and feet, follow the steps and dance with friends!*

* Note: The steps and movements presented here do not constitute professional training in dance. This is a social game made solely for fun. If you are interested in training and developing in the area of Bulgarian folk dance, visit schools and academies offering the services of a professional instructor.

ATTENTION! The game is intended ONLY for home use.
The use of game parts for any other type of activity is not recommended.
ATTENTION! Not for children aged below 3!

Contents of the kit:

1x Dance pad 24x Rubber steps (12x green and 12x orange)
There are:
10х Steps with a single hole (5x green and 5x orange)
8х Steps with two holes (4x green and 4x orange)
4х Steps with three holes (2x green and 2x orange)
2х Steps with four holes (1x green and 1x orange)

4х Rubber heels (2x green and 2x orange)
4х Rubber fingers (2x green and 2x orange)30х Green rubber circles numbered from 1 to 26; 4 without

30х Orange rubber circles numbered from 1 to 26; 4 without numbers 1х An instructions booklet 4х
scarves (2x green and 2x orange)
1х Access code to the online portal for Taratanci (in the booklet on page 4)

Video lessons


Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 52.30 × 12.00 × 12.00 cm

Dance puzzle with book in Bulgarian, Dance puzzle with book in English


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